Nursery Regulations

Age of admittance
Straylands cares for children from 0 - 5 years

Hours of opening
We are open 51 weeks of the year.
Children cannot be accepted before 8am and must be collected before 6pm, a late fee will be charged when appropriate.

It is important that you notify us if you child is to be absent. This can be done by calling at the nursery or telephone York 416306.

Opening times
The nursery is open all through the year except for bank holidays and
Approx. one week at Christmas.
Full fees are charged for both full and part time sessions for weeks shortened by holidays, but not for 1 week over Christmas.

Fees must be paid monthly in advance by standing order on 1st day of each month.
If this fee is not paid by the 1st week a charge of £30.00 will be added to the next bill.
If your child holidays for a full week then there will be a reduction of 50%, for a maximum of 4 weeks per year. There will be no reduction for any part weeks your child may be on holidays. On booking a place a deposit of £50 will be required plus a £10 registration fee.

Cheques can be made payable to Straylands Day Nursery

If your child has a doubtful rash, diarrhoea, sore throat, discharge from the eyes or nose he/she should be kept at home until the symptoms have disappeared. If a child is prescribed antibiotics they can return to nursery after a period of 48 hrs. Should a child become ill at nursery every effort will be made to contact the parents.

Parking is provided at the rear of the nursery. There is no admittance or exit from the front of nursery. All parents must use the car park.

Any complaints should be reported to Ofsted on 0300 123 1231
Please see our information poster on our notice board for further details.

Complaints Procedure

  • Staff will record who made the complaint
  • Staff will only record complaints relating to National Standards
  • Staff will note which standard complaint relates to
  • Staff will record all details relating to complaint, naming individuals as ‘Child A’ or ‘Staff B’
  • Staff will record Process taken to make sure complaint is fully investigated
  • Staff will record who was involved in the investigation
  • Staff will record any referrals made to an external agency
  • Staff will record any action(s) identified by ourselves
  • Staff will record any actions taken by Ofsted
  • Staff will record any action taken by another external agency
  • Staff will record the outcome of the investigation, identifying areas for improvement


 If a member of staff is dismissed through misconduct staff will refer individual inclusion to the Protection of Children Act (Ring Ofsted on 0300 123 1231)

An account of the findings will be shared with parents/carers in the setting within 28 days.

Procedure for uncollected children

The nursery obviously has an obligation to stay with any uncollected child at the end of the day, until that child is collected.

The nursery must not release the child to an unauthorised person, even if the collection is late.

There will be a charge of £25 per 30 minutes for late collection.