Statement Of Provision

Observing and Recording

Children’s progress and development are evaluated as part of an ongoing process. We build up a ‘Learning Journey Book’ for each child including observations, photos and the children’s work. We welcome contributions from parents to build up a full picture of your child’s development. From this we can enhance the provision at our nursery and plan for your child’s individual needs.

Parental Involvement

We welcome involvement by parents, in their child’s learning and take every opportunity to encourage discussions on curriculum as well as your child’s individual needs and interests.

Outside Activities and Trips.

These include various trips organised throughout the year including:

Creepy Crawliesimage-18 Eureka
Monk Park Farm
The Railway Museum
Local Theatres
Doncaster Wildlife Park
Museum Gardens






Parents, grandparents and carers are always welcome on all our trips.




We have policies on Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities and Diversity, Special Educational Needs and Safeguarding Children to name just a few. All our policies are available for parents to read on our information rack and website.